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Welcome to Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten

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At Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten we provide an accessible, quality teaching and learning program for preschool children in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten is a multi-cultural site with children who access many different Government and non-Government schools. It is a community that is very supportive of their children and displays strong involvement in fundraisers and social events.


Staffing at Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten consists of a full time Director, two part time teachers, two part time Early Childhood Workers including bi lingual and preschool support workers.






From the beginning of 2013, children in South Australia will begin preschool at the start of the school year. The cut off birth date for preschool intake is May 1st. All children born after May 1st attend preschool the following year.

Waiting/ Lists Enrolments

Preliminary enrolments are accepted and encouraged for children from the age of 2.5 years. If details change please notify the preschool so our records can be kept current.