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Welcome to Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten

Connecting with Children and Families in Lockleys and Surrounding Suburbs
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Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten is located in a tranquil residential area off the main roads in the suburb of Lockleys.

Since 1961 Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten has been serving families living in Fulham, Fulham Gardens, Kidman Park and Lockleys. We are not a zoned preschool.

All our preschoolers go on to attend the following schools; St Francis School, Lockleys North Primary School, Lockleys Primary School, Kidman Park Primary School, Fulham North Primary School, Fulham Gardens Primary School, Henley Beach Primary School and Star of the Sea.

At Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten we are committed to providing a quality inclusive educational program for all children.

Our current philosophy statement highlights the following:

The learning environment at Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten supports children to:

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Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten has embarked on an edible garden project that engages children with hands on sensory learning experiences and teaching them some very important lessons about taking care of our planet, sustainability, nutrition, growing and cooking, collaboration and team work.

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Directions for driving: Enter onto Fulham Park Drive from Henley Beach Road and turn right onto Castlebar Road or enter from Rowells Road Lockleys.

Directions for walking: cross the bridge between Riverway and Frontage Road near Fairmont Ave and Fulham Park Drive


Staffing at Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten consists of a full time Director, two permanent part time teachers, one permanent part time Early Childhood Worker and two part time contract Early Childhood Workers.






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From the beginning of 2013, children in South Australia will begin preschool at the start of the school year. The cut off birth date for preschool intake is May 1st. All children born after May 1st attend preschool the following year.





Waiting/ Lists Enrolments

Preliminary enrolments are accepted and encouraged for children from the age of 2.5 years. If details change please notify the preschool so our records can be kept current.